PLATINUM = Food & nonfood + 300 E-numbers + 85 Vitamin/Mineral's - Intolerance Test

Platinum Standard Food Intolerance Test

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  • Finally a Quick Easy and Painless Way To find out your intolerances!


Whether you’re battling acne, IBS or 
you’re just constantly flagging through the day.
Intolerance tests have been proven to help people like you.
By finding out your bodies intolerances and cutting them from
your diet, you can begin your own road to recovery.

Our premium testing package will analyse your hair sample against over 350 foods stored in our database. 

You can view the whole list of foods HERE
It also checks against 350 non-foods from our database. 
Things like pollen, pet hair, detergents, and others. 

You can view the whole list HERE

It also checks against 300+ E-numbers and food additives and preservatives.

You can view this list HERE

And finally, we check to see if your body is deficient in over 85 vitamins and minerals.

You can find out which ones HERE

You will receive your results back within three days of us 
receiving your sample and you will have access to our 
aftercare team for any questions you may have.

All of this comes with our cast iron full money-back guarantee*